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Don’t Play PretenZe

Don’t Play PretenZe

You take your time to get the image down and do the same to make sure you have the right supplies. But be warned, not all IntenZe inks are created equal. In fact, some IntenZe inks aren’t IntenZe inks at all. Intenze inks excel at bringing the blues that burn though the skin in the same similarities shared by the almighty sky, oranges of brilliance reminiscent to Nickelodeon shows, and reds that bleed through the soul of the images we wear. Those who know tattoos wear them with pride. They send messages of our identities that go ways beyond words. They sacrifice their skin for space to share their symbolism. A tattoo isn’t just a painting, a bodily modification, or just a work of art. It’s a state of mind. It’s who we are. It’s what we wear with the promise and purpose of riding it out until the end. Most wear them with no regrets as a statement they can touch and run their fingers across and around to remind them of where they were and who they want to be. It’s not for attention or decoration. They’re adamant declarations. Some with deep meanings that go beyond the heart and mind of those who wear them, we like them, we love them, but most of all they make us feel alive.

From tattoo equipment, tattoo supplies, tattoo ink, all the way through the tattoo needles piercing through every pore. Tattoo isn’t a job, it’s a craft. And IntenZe ink reflects that. Through the on-point variety of colors designed and destined to bring out the best definition of the image presented, through signature sets and swatches hand-picked by the best in the business and so much more IntenZe ink delivers quality and quantity. And if you believe it’s a craft that burns with belief through the arms, legs, back, and whatever areas of the body you’re take your tattoo supplies and the tattoo supply store you hit up very seriously. You read and understand MSDS reports knowing exactly what’s in the ink you put in yourself and others. Many of those who take their supplies seriously, run a solid shop, and even operate as an Authorized IntenZe Dealer, will tell you and warn you about how many fake IntenZe inks exist. I call them PretenZe. And it’s definitely nothing to play.

Fake IntenZe inks not only lack the brilliance of IntenZe inks, but also contain products posing with a false MSDS. That means you have no idea what kind of chemicals, poisons or leads are being injected in you at a flurrying pace. Don’t fall for it. Don’t settle. It’s not only unsafe for your health, but not even as good and definitely not going to do the job you want your tattoo to do. So how do you spot a fake? How do you separate the real IntenZe from the PretenZe? I got you.

First off, keep bottles of the real stuff around. IntenZe has a new label on all their bottles, with clear descriptions for European Union compliance. Not only should you note the new label, but notice the shape of the handles, all of which have a distinct and consistent style. Though some authentic IntenZe bottles with the old label may still be around, a bottle carrying the old label should be your primary concern. Next, note the price. IntenZe is a high-quality ink, so it’s going to cost a little. A small bottle should run between $8-to-12 dollars. If you find a bottle that’s $1, run. Run away. Get your skin away from that stuff as soon as possible.

All IntenZe products have consistent colors that come out bright and brilliant when placed on a palette to get tagged, if a color doesn’t match the label, you have every reason to doubt. And if there’s no chance in hell that a bottle with a neon green substance can pass as lavender, it’s fake. Last but not least. ALL IntenZe products are made in the USA. So if it comes from China, it’s PretenZe. Run away and report the tattoo supplies provider as soon as possible.

In some ways it’s simple, some ways you’re going to need some attention to detail. Remember that you have a right to know what ink you’re putting on your body. And if there is any confusion or doubt about the authenticity of the product, do not hesitate to challenge it and ask for an MSDS report to which IntenZe has for every single product they make to put on anyone. Follow these rules keep your eyes open for what you’re putting in you, and you’ll always be a work of art.

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