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It takes a special conversation for the ink to become one with flesh, its hues heavenly marred through the song of the skin. But to get the perfect tattoo you want stained and symbolized on you it’s going to take a lot more than an inch up on your ink selection. Granted, some inks are brighter and more brilliant than others not to mention safer—it’s definitely important to make sure your inks aren’t counterfeit and include an MSDS report—but that’s not all that makes the art applicable. Sometimes it takes the right tattoo machine just as a Gibson Les Paul makes a difference in the hands of an Eddie Van Halen when you hear that solo, so too can the tattoo tubes, tips, grips and machines make a difference in performance in potency.

Prided and fueled by imagination, it’s said that the handmade tattoo machines provide the most options and approaches for the experienced tattoo artist. And it’s going to take some experience in the tagging arts to truly know what you want. You’re going to need a power supply to keep up with those demands.  Tattoo power supply comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and needs, some will run you as low as $40 and some as high as $400. A souped-up won’t pitch the inks any brighter or send the needle through the skin any faster, what it does rather is increase the magnetic field to allow the ink to travel farther, faster and more precise. Power supplies may also include extra amenities such as a way to see the voltage, hertz, duty cycle and follow through.

Next you’re going to need to be selective about your coils, outer aesthetic and springs of your machine. Make sure you differentiate between which kind of tagging you got going on there, for tattooing outlines, you’re going to need an 8-wrap coil but if you’re going big, you may need to enlist the services of heavier coil, sizes go all the way up to a 14-wrap. Depending on your magnetic field changing springs can be considered a trial and error process, depending on the aesthetic housing of the machine. 99.9% tattoo machines are framed with metal. Metal frames vary in cost based on weight, design, accessibility, and how they work with the conductive forces you got going on in your hand.

Like a motorcycle, many riders have personal preferences for how they handle the road. The best tattoo machine can only be measured by the magnitude of your masterpieces. In other words, finding what brings out the best in you should come first before anything. Depending on your demands they can run cheap or can cost quite a bit. But the consensus is that handmade tattoo machines are the best in quality since they cater toward creativity and customization over production-line makes. As long as you’ve got the design, with practice, you’ll find the doing.

Oh no you didn’t Nokia!!! Just when society is shouting and moaning about how attached we already are to our cellphones. How distracting our track pads and touchscreens have become, stripping us of the sights of humanity in front of us, catching clicks and texts taking up all our time. Sometimes we go whole days talking through texts without a single syllable spouting from our lips. That’s just the way it is. But Nokia, knowing what’s up with the smartphone sickness, decided to take it to the next level and if you think technology hasn’t gotten under our skin. It’s totally about to.

Coming soon, say hello to the smart tattoo. That’s right! Nokia has patented a new technology capable of sending a pulse through ink on the body notifying someone of a call or a text. As the Christian-Science Monitor report puts it, “Such a “tattoo” would be more of a skin graft. Its material would be “capable of detecting a magnetic field and transferring a perceivable stimulus to the skin,” How far away are we from turning this concept to reality? Not really that far off, really. In fact, microchips designed with a person’s medical information received FDA-approval in 2004. In fact, the chip has recently served its purpose in providing medical records to hospitals and doctors at a rapid pace in the event of an emergency.

But is it really all for the better? Identity-theft and privacy-infringement issues aside, what could seem as a godsend in terms of accessibility and upgrade to the art of tattoo could end up backfiring entirely. What if the wrong motion, movement or contact sets off the wrong commands, creating confusion and chaos everywhere? What if you’re out on a date with someone really…really special who could possibly be the one, and then you get a call from your ex about something you left at her place, or because she’s lonely, or because her new guy isn’t really doing it for her and she wants attention and to take her issues with him out on you? Or the worst scenario, what if you’re making love and the significant other rubs the tattoo the wrong way and creates what could go down in history as the most epic pocket-dial of all time.

…And don’t get me started on what’s going to happen should you change providers or if you want to have the design altered/removed. That might hurt a bit…