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Haters gonna hate.  What’s to say about societal objections to tattoo’s? Sure you’ve got some people with some ugly ones they regret, or reminders of a past they no long embrace. And then you’ve got the employment horror stories. People losing their jobs, losing out on opportunities, Japanese mayors thinking you’re a member of the Yakuza (and having to undergo the painful tattoo removal procedures as a perquisite for employment or status– increasing the demand for long sleeve clothing and neck coverings of all sorts—regardless of what it is bearing ink on your skin can in a sense make you some sort of a social pariah.  But one thing that’s untrue is the notion that tattoos are a fad or phase. That society just thought it was suddenly cool to tag each other’s skin with ink and call it “art”.

No my friends tattoos go back. How back? We’re talking B.C.-back. The truth is that tattoos have existed long before Hippies and the Yakuza have, respectively. In fact, they’ve existed before society even. As an art, no less as evidenced by a recent discovery deep within Russia’s permafrost: an Ancient Siberian princess to tell it all. A recent discovery of a preserved body belonging to that of Princess Ukok, a Siberian Princess from 2,600 years ago who died at the age of 25, has aroused much shock to the anthropological and scientific community regarding primitive cultures. She’s come covered in some serious ink. And not just stains on the skin, we’re talking designs.

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As the UK Daily Mail reports, “The remarkable body art includes mythological creatures and experts say the elaborate drawings were a sign of age and status for the ancient nomadic Pazyryk people, described in the 5th century BC by the Greek historian Herodotus.” Tattooed lines and primitive designs we’re seen in the discovery of the iceman but nothing near as elaborate as this recent finding. And not only was she respected she was found buried with several horses, offerings of delicacies such as horse and sheep meat, ornaments made from wood, bronze and gold and a small container of cannabis…So that also existed before the hippies too, huh?

According to Novosibirsk scientist Natalia Polosmak who made the discovery, “’Compared to all tattoos found by archeologists around the world, those on the mummies of the Pazyryk people are the most complicated, and the most beautiful. More ancient tattoos have been found, like the Ice Man found in the Alps – but he only had lines, not the perfect and highly artistic images one can see on the bodies of the Pazyryks.  It is a phenomenal level of tattoo art. Incredible.” One would have to wonder what it was like making tattoos without all the technology that makes it possible today. And what it would take to make such an incredible design of permanence in the most primitive of setting.

Either way, tattoos have been around for a while. It never strayed from society, society strayed from it.


What defines a work of art? Does it always smile to you from the surface? And if so, do you grasp it all in essence and definition at that instant of a glance your eyes meet with the colors painting through the pores? We channel our identities, feelings and desires through these symbols stained on our skins. They are bookmarks of who we were, where we’ve been and the memories of time and life where we have felt the most alive and made the most of that moment toward stretching every second of the space we shared. But did it always shine through the surface? Did it always scream and acknowledge everything in the true essence of the message? Life will teach you that some of its most brilliant moments and messages aren’t always worn on the outside. Sometimes the brightest and most beautiful true color of one’s being doesn’t show on the surface. Sometimes the best flavors find themselves hidden. Sometimes, the most divine sights can’t be seen through the reaches of the sun or any ordinary space. Sometimes, some of the brightest blessings can only glow at their greatest through the radiance of a new light. Sometimes it takes the influence of ultraviolet to completely stand out. Some things are just too special…

Skin Candy’s got that kind of special ink. Completely invisible to the naked eye a breed of ink only visible through the brilliance of a blacklight. UV Tattoos of blacklight tattoos are a special ink made popular through raver subculture. With colors ranging from blacklight red, yellow, green, magenta, blue, purple and entirely invisible to get you the hidden glow to be the blacklight warrior you were destined to become.

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Ultraviolet tattoos must be done by experienced artists. These inks do not “blend” like the normal inks. They must be applied and performed under the presence of a UV light, especially the invisible ink. UV inks and normal inks don’t blend. It’s recommended that you get bright, normal inks first, apply and let dry. Then after sometime, let apply the hidden greatness of the UV ink.